Dear Dr. Dany I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful care that you have provided me with since I had the misfortune of this sore on my lip. You have been truly amazing and kept me calm when my nerves were getting the best of me!


Dr. Touma exceeded my expectations! After my first meeting with him and his staff there was no need to look any further. One year later I have a full head of hair with zero visibility of having any work done.

Nadine T.

Hi Dr Touma, I'm wishing you well from LA! My Hair looks great - very fortunate to have undergone the procedure with you and your team.

In a cupla years, I'll look to get that top up 

Also, I'm wondering, is it also possible to get a procedure that increased density? Figure i could also do that

Again, what you guys have done with my head is pretty spectacular. People always comment on how i have normal hair now!