Treatment of Dark Circles

Excessive pigmentation around the eyes is a common problem affecting people of Middle Eastern origin. Bleaching creams are not very effective because they are poorly tolerated by the thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids.

Laser for Dark Circles

Lasers provide the best tool for removing "dark circles", by selectively destroying the unwanted pigment. Dr Touma uses a combination of three lasers, fractional and spot resurfacing and Qswitched alexandrite in one single session. Initially there is swelling for two days and the skin peels of in a total of 4-5 days. Most patients see about 50% improvement in this single session.

It is essential to protect the skin from sun exposure before and after laser treatment in order to optimize the results. It is also important to know that in most cases, the pigmentation may get worse before it gets better.

Dr. Touma has the largest experience in treating dark circles over the last three decades. He sometimes combines the use of fillers for dark circles to reduce the tear trough and associated shadowing.