Greetings! I am officially 2 weeks "post-op" from my non-surgical nose filler treatment and it gives me so much pleasure to write this review as I feel my life has changed. Words are not enough to express my satisfaction. I had a semi-successful rhinoplasty 8 years ago which unfortunately left my respiration significantly compromised but also with two "knuckles" or "bossae" sticking out. Dr. Touma not only recognised the issue within 3 seconds of looking at my face, but gave me back the ability to breathe in under a minute of his work and the confidence that a successful rhinoplasty should have given me the first time. He is truly a magic worker, I never thought that my nose could look this good without a reconstructive surgery and more importantly, that I could breathe again! It was a very quick procedure, although I am a terrified person in general when it comes to needles, I did not feel remotely scared once I saw what he could do. He was quick, gentle, as professional as one would dream of. I am just a happy lady now! I have officially adopted you for life Dr. Touma, and I could not be happier to say this. With all my best regards and blessings to you and your family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Tara

Tara S

I did the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant two days ago at the Skin Clinic in Beirut, and I am very satisfied with the overall procedure. It is very early for me to assess the results of the Artas hair transplant since hair grows normally after 6 months. However, I can comment on how the Artas Robotic Transplant procedure went. For starters, the Skin Clinic team was highly professional, and I felt myself in a fully-equipped hospital. The team takes extreme precautions (sometimes pushing too far) and prepares for the worst. In my operation room, Dr.Touma was working on me, with three nurses assisting him. There was even a medical engineer for the Artas robot in the room. The team was friendly too. With regards to pain, I almost didn’t feel a thing during the whole procedure. As for the follow-up post-operation, I was given the nurse’s mobile number in case I had any questions (which was convenient), and Dr.Touma saw me the next day of the procedure. The Clinic then monitors patients once a month over a one-year period. I’d like to add that I had done the Strip Hair transplant at a “commercial beauty center” in Lebanon around 7 years ago. I was operated on by non-medical professionals, and the Strip surgery was extremely painful with a recovery time of around 5 weeks. Even worse, the results of my Strip hair transplant were terrible. This “commercial beauty center” ruined my hairline, and damaged my scalp. Dr. Touma and his team operate at a whole other level, and I would highly recommend the Skin Clinic and the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant procedure. One piece of advice, please don't be fooled by the cheap hair transplant options offered at beauty centers in Lebanon or Turkey, as quality is compromised . I will be following up on my review in due time, when my transplanted hair starts growing normally. Thanks Skin Clinic


I went to Dr.Dany Touma for a facial PRP. The first thing you notice about the clinic once you enter is its extreme neatness, relaxing colors and atmosphere. The staff is really welcoming, courteous, and efficient. Dr. Dany Touma is impressively professional, and I have had nothing but positive results and experience in his clinic. The facial PRP carried out at the clinic was beneficial and positively altering. I would rate Dr. Touma and Hus staff as 5 stars.

Leila D.