Lip Contouring

Full beautiful lips are essential to a harmonious face in both women and men.A thin or short lip is not attractive and may disappear when smiling. Aging also leads to thining of the lips. For an artful lip enhancement, it is important to consider proportions and harmony in regard to the facial size, nose, chin and cheekbones. It is also important to anticipate the effect of any correction on lip dynamics during talking or smiling. The choice of filler is crucial too with hyaluronic acid gels being the best options.

Permanent fillers are banned and illegal and a source of short and long term problems such as infection and lumpiness and can cause lifelong problems and disfigurement that are impossible to resolve completely despite multiple surgeries and treatments A permanent filler can cause horrible lips for life.

Dr. Touma has over twenty years experience in restoring lips’ harmony and beauty elegantly and safely, using hyaluronic acid. He cautions everyone from seeking fillers from non-physicians or illegal providers and encourages patients to seek real experts only, to ensure best results and safety.


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