Artas Robotic Hair Transplantation

Half the hair transplantation process is technique and maintenance treatment, and the other half is the hairline design that has to be extremely artistic. I sometimes see patients of mine that have such a natural result I even can not tell they had a transplant! On the other hand so many unfortunate men and women go commercial and by trying to save money, they are stuck with a horribly artificial-looking hair over their head, or poor results.
Dany Touma, M.D.


Artas® Robotic FUE Hair Transplantation

Dr. Touma, founder of The Skin Clinic, pioneered the first robotic device for follicular unit extraction (FUE) automated hair transplantation in the Middle East. The Artas® Robotic Hair Transplantation device allows physicians to give patients a permanent, fuller hair coverage while eliminating some of the drawbacks that may be associated with traditional manual methods. In this minimally invasive procedure, each hair is targeted individually with robotic precision, adjusting for the angle and depth of each individual hair, with speed and no fatigue. Unlike the strip method, there is no stitching involved and hence no scar left on the donor area. Although in our experienced hands manual FUE can give excellent results, it typically requires manual punching of thousands of grafts, which inevitably can be fatiguing after some time and leaves slightly larger scars. Robotic hair transplant overcomes this problem as graft quality remains consistent throughout the procedure keeping human factors out.


Hair Evolution from 1985 to 1998 to 2008


Artas’ innovative approach to hair transplantation starts during the consultation stage. Using photographs of the patient’s head, ARTAS® Hair Studio Technology creates a customized 3D model of the transplant design, allowing the patient to see and adjust the end results beforehand. Because every patient’s requirements are different, ARTAS® Hair Studio Technology enables the physician to show the patient the final outcome, including number of hair grafts required, direction of the implanting final hair style, allowing the physician to achieve the results the patient wants, and eliminating any guesswork. While this hair simulator feature may not be suitable for everyone, Artas’s cutting edge advantage is in an unprecedented  accuracy in implementing the desired result. 
The robot identifies and selects optimal hairs for a perfect harvesting from the donor area and skips suboptimal ones including white hair if undesired. At the recipient site, Artas® can also execute the ideal hair pattern under physician supervision, while avoiding damaging pre-existing healthy hairs. Consistency is maintained as there is no repetitive manual task like with manual transplants.


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Great Artas result after 8 months
Great Artas result after 8 months Hair Transplantation Eyebrows
Hair Transplantation Before After
Female Hair Transplantation 2 years
3 years after strip transplantation


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