Female Genital Rejuvenation

Vaginal Tightening Therapy with IntimaLase

Dr Touma recommends laser to bleach and tighten the external female genitalia, which can be life chaging. As for the vaginal relaxation treatment and urinary incontinence, he refers patients to a team of expert gynecologists in the field. The treatment,  as described above, is done in the clinic with utmost discretion.

Sexual health is important to all women, although many are reluctant to discuss it with their physician. With advancing age or after childbirth, many women may experience what is known as vaginal relaxation syndrome: an increase in the inner diameter of the vaginal wall. This can result in decreased sensation, sexual pleasure, and the ability to achieve orgasm, for both partners. Stress urinary incontinence is another common problem in women due to reduced muscular tone in the pelvic region. This leads to involuntary loss of urine during coughing, sneezing, laughing, or physical exertion. Traditional treatments for both these problems resorted to kegel exercices which are only marginally effective, or plastic surgeries which are reserved for advanced candidates.



IntimaLase® and IncontiLase® are unique Er:YAG laser therapies for non-surgical, non-invasive tightening of the vaginal canal and anterior vaginal wall respectively. IntimaLase® stimulates collagen remodelling and the synthesis of new collagen fibers in the vagina resulting in tightening, while IncontiLase® tightens the anterior vaginal wall giving support to the bladder and returning normal continence function. They are painless, minimally invasive procedures that are safe and fast, while avoiding the undesirable complications present with surgical methods. Clinical results show a tightened vaginal canal, greater sexual satisfaction and significant improvement in a patient’s quality of life. Usually one to three sessions are recommended. No special pre-op preparation or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities following the procedure.



“My sexual life with my husband went from 1 out of 10, to 8 out of 10 after the third session. We are so happy!”