Fat, found immediately below the skin gives the face and any other area of the body its volume, which is essential for a plump, younger looking face and skin in general. As fat is lost with age or weight loss, restoring volume, using fillers, is a key step in facial and skin rejuvenation.

The most common area treated with fillers are the cheeks temples and area around the mouth, chin and jawline, the lips, as well as the hands.

Restored balance to the face


What filling agents are used?

Dr. Touma's favorite fillers are hyaluronic acid, and lipofilling, i.e. using one's own fat, and calcium hydroxyapatite.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a material found in the mid portion of the skin where collagen and elastin are normally found. Hyaluronic acid gives the skin its substance and integrity and is diminished in the aging process. Injectable hyaluronic acid is a non-animal derived gel like substance and does not need any allergy test before treatment, it lasts 6-12 months on average. HA is a biodegradable product that looks like a clear gel and is injected under skin lines, folds, scars or lips. HA is an ideal product that allows precise injections of delicate areas, and can be dissolved immediately with hyaluronidase, its solvent, if there is a need to remove it. It is extremely safe with problems occurring in less than 1/5000 injections. Hyaluronic acid is approved by the United States FDA. Large volumes of HA can also be used to enlarge buttocks or other body areas.

Calcium hydroxyl-apatite also FDA approved. It is resorbable after 1-2 years. It is best used to correct nose deformities and for cheek augmentation. More recently it is used to improve the chest, buttocks and other areas.
When longer lasting results are desired and large volumes are needed, Dr. Touma prefers to use lipofilling. Lipofilling is a multi-step procedure that requires microliposuction to harvest fat from an area of excess on the body. Local anesthesia is needed in the recipient area. This is a delicate procedure, because it requires great skill in order to inject the fat in minuscule particles into multiple layers of the skin. Swelling and some redness are expected after the procedure. Dr. Touma has a long experience in lipofilling, and often sees results lasting over 12 years. 

When having injections into the skin it is recommended to use the safest products available, even when the results are a little less durable. Permanent fillers are never used by Dr Touma, because they often lead to reactions that disfigure the skin, even after years, When there is a problem with a permanent filler, its removal is difficult and sometimes impossible. Hyaluronic acid and lipofilling are the safest fillers available. It is important to remember that the aging process is continuous and that fillers, no matter how long lasting, will not have a constant correction over time.

                                                                                                    LESS IS MORE

Dr Touma is known for his expertise in using fillers to restore the normal contours of the skin while keeping the correction so natural almost no one can tell a filler was done. Dr Touma prefers to use small amounts of filler, combined with other treatments such as botulinum toxin, PRP or a firming treatment to get the best most natural results!

Filler Chin- Better than a face lift!


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