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Acne -



Acne is a chronic problem that affects a majority of teenagers, often well into adulthood.


Acne is a multifactorial problem with its main pathology in the sebaceous gland. Hormonal factors such as those associated with irregular periods, physical factors such as oily cosmetics, and stress are known aggravating factors.


Traditional treatments include topical therapy, antibiotics, hormonal therapy and isotretinoin in severe cases.


Lasers and other light sources such are the latest advent in the treatment of resistant and difficult to treat acne. They are believed to have a strong antibacterial effect, and lead to a significant positive effect on the sebaceous glands improving acne after 1-3 treatment sessions. Studies have in fact shown a reduction of 47-95% in acne lesions and blackheads, as well as rapid clearing of the red spots that are left long after acne lesions have resolved. There is no need for a recovery period or significant side effects after laser treatment of acne.

Resistant acne after laser treatment. (Dany Touma, M.D.)

The advantages of treatment using lasers and other light sources are that the treatment is convenient, effective and safe, it also lacks the problem of traditional treatments and oral antibiotics such as skin irritation and other side effects or bacterial resistance.


Radiofrequency is also a new treatment of acne. This new device delivers an electric current which destroys the oil glands responsible for acne, and leads to significant clearing of acne in 1-2 sessions. This treatment often mimicks the effect of Re-Accutane in the case of cystic acne.


Topical treatment of acne is often continued while and after getting treated with laser or radiofrequency sessions.


Before and after laser treatment of scars. (Dany Touma, M.D.)
PEARL Laser for Acne Scars (Dany Touma, M.D.)

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