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Plastic Surgeon Beirut Lebanon
Pigmentation problems - Treatment of Dark Circles

  Treatment of Dark Circles

Excessive pigmentation around the eyes is a common problem affecting people of Middle Eastern origin. Bleaching creams are not very effective because they are poorly tolerated by the thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids .

Laser for Dark Circles

Lasers provide the best tool for removing "dark circles", by selectively destroying the unwanted pigment. Initially there may be a period of darkening until results are seen after a few weeks. 

In Dr Touma’s over twenty-year experience, combining resurfacing lasers and pigmented lasers is best to tighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. In this case, a period of rest is needed for 4 days to allow for optimal healing.
Dr. Touma uses 3 lasers, he has prescribed his experience at the American Society for lasers in medicine and surgery annual meeting in 2016.

It is essential to protect the skin from sun exposure before and after laser treatment in order to optimize the results. It is also important to know that in most cases, the pigmentation will get worse before it gets better. The overall result is around 50% reduction in color which gives a much brighter appearance to the eyes.
It is important to mention that fillers only improve a deep line (tear trough) below the eyelids. They can cause a bulge or bleu discoloration requiring removal.
Dr Touma recommends the laser combination as the best approach for dark circles, which will lift the line.

Dark circles before and after 6 months laser treatment. (Dany Touma, M.D.)

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